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006 | Purpose & Power Meditation - Compassion & Creativity

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Purpose & Power Meditation - Compassion & Creativity

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Purpose & Power Meditation - Compassion & CreativityThe Flourishing Entrepreneur Podcast
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Aleya Harris | 11/17/2021

You know you need to be creative to be an entrepreneur. There are problems to solve and obstacles to overcome, and you’re in a unique position to help others! But, have you considered how a lack of creativity and compassion could be holding you back from reaching your fullest potential?


I'm back with another solo episode! We are going to go through my favorite recalibration techniques to help you recenter your compassion and creativity, along with another Purpose and Power guided meditations!


If you want to clear out creative blocks and tap into your innate compassion so you can bring forth something amazing, stay tuned!


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Winning recalibration techniques to support your creative genius

  • How to recenter your compassion and creativity centers

  • Why freeform writing is so powerful, and how to get started

  • Another Purpose & Power Guided Meditation to keep on file


Here's a peek inside the episode:


[1:21] Compassion and creativity are your emotional identity


[7:11] Mantra of the Day


[8:03] Freeform writing allows you to put into words the things you haven't wanted to say out loud.


[10:26] The goal with freeform writing is to keep your hand moving – you might not have complete sentences or even be writing legibly.


[19:25] Purpose and Power Guided Meditation


If you want some more recalibration strategies for compassion and creativity and the other six Abundance Keys, make sure to visit  to download our Recalibration Guide.

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