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Law of Attraction + Business with Tamari Zeigler

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Law of Attraction + Business with Tamari ZeiglerThe Flourishing Entrepreneur Podcast
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Aleya Harris | 12/15/2021

Are you having trouble staying motivated to achieve your goals? 


In this episode, we’re talking about passion, profit, paychecks, and purses with Tamari Ziegler. She gives us invaluable advice on how to cultivate patience and grow your business without forgetting to love yourself.


In this episode, you'll learn:


  • The importance of taking a break and having time with yourself

  • The importance of delegation

  • Setting boundaries with your work and personal life

  • The importance of being patient with yourself

  • How (and why) to protect your energy and stay positive

  • How to be patient and celebrate small wins

  • Tools and techniques to avoid burnout personally and professionally


A brief overview of the episode:


[1:20] Mantra of the day


[4:41] Tamari’s introduction


[7:23] Tools to use to avoid burnout and stay in alignment, personally and professionally


[13:16] ] 3 pro tips from Tamari’s area of expertise that will help other Empire Builders


[23:53]  How to protect your energy and stay positive + focused in an environment that is less than conducive


[29:05] Tamari’s advice when things don’t go the way you hoped for


[33:02] How to turn your passion to profit


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