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014 | Vulnerability & Courage Coaching Session with Yuliya Patsay

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014 |

Vulnerability & Courage Coaching Session with Yuliya Patsay

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Vulnerability & Courage Coaching Session with Yuliya PatsayThe Flourishing Entrepreneur Podcast
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Aleya Harris | 1/12/2022

Does “good” actually make you feel good? Or does goodness, warmth, and joy make you feel scared and fearful? You know, that feeling of uncertainty, as if you’re not in total control of what's going to happen next...and you’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop. If that's you, my friend, you are not alone.


Yuliya Patsay joins us on today's episode. Yuliya is an innate storyteller, performer, and voice actor. She used her voice to tell the stories of various brands, organizations, and characters.


In my live coaching session with Yuliya, we're digging into the concept of vulnerability as she shares some of her feelings about goodness, wholeness, and the ability to trust oneself and others. So listen up!


In this episode, you'll learn:


  • Key takeaways from Yuliya’s BioEnergetic Business Coaching scan

  • The true power of the light

  • An exercise for emotional centering

  • How to release what is no longer serving you


Here's a peek inside the episode:


[1:39] When we delay our own healing, we are lying to ourselves.


[5:57] Mantra of the Day


[11:26] Yuliya’s BioEnergetic Business Coaching Scan


[16:00 It is always okay to clear your emotions. 


[19:09] You have the ability to control and manipulate and manage the light.


[25:57] Why Yuliya has a difficult time accepting the good things in life.


[31:30] Our experiences become part of our bodies and our energy fields.


[34:31] You can rewrite your past.


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