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The Power of "No" + Teamwork with Alexis Alvarez

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The Power of "No" + Teamwork with Alexis AlvarezThe Flourishing Entrepreneur Podcast
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Aleya Harris | 01/26/2022

How often do you say “no”? How many times have you ever committed to something you didn’t really want to do?


Saying no is a very great skill to learn to prevent burnout and establish clear boundaries. It’s freeing and empowering to say “yes” only to the opportunities that excite you and turn away everything else. 


In today’s episode, Alexis will sit with us to talk about the art of saying no.


In this episode, you will learn:


  • The importance of having a solid support system

  • How to set boundaries and enforce them with others

  • How to invest in resources that support you and your team

  • The importance of having an outlet to relieve burnout

  • The value of braveness in breaking things down and rebuilding them

  • How to find beauty into the unknown


Sneak peak:


[1.52] Mantra of the day


[15:00] Tips and tricks to avoid burnout


[17:00] Team building tips


[19:05] The art of saying no


[29:48] Advice to anchor you to achieve your goal


[34:20] Contentment and gratitude


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