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Accepting Fear + It Takes a Village with Dana Kadwell & Courtney Hopper

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Aleya Harris | 04/27/2022

Do you know how to handle fear when first starting your business? Today, we'll talk about how to get around and work with your fears!


In this episode, I’m talking to Courtney and Dana, who have seen their vision for their company evolve over the past 12 years from a singular concept into multi businesses that are constantly being grown, argued over, and perfected. 


Successful businesses are not stumbled upon, but created by determination, courage, and a little bit of luck. 


There was no magic formula they followed or a specific business plan. They took the leap and had each other’s hand to hold along the way. Making big changes and taking big risks can be scary, lonely, and isolating, which is the heart of what we’re diving into today.


In this episode, you'll learn:


  • Knowing how to deal with fear

  • Learning that fear is constant and normal

  • How you can control your emotions of fear

  • What are the things you should know when starting your business

  • Tips for your business


Here's a peek inside episode


[11:08] What are the problems that Courtney and Dana solve?


[12:35] Techniques and tools to avoid burnout and stay in alignment with your goals


[20:14] 3 pro tips that will help entrepreneurs scale their business while enjoying the journey


[25:58] Know that fear is going to be there, don't spend the next year trying to run away from fear 


[28:53] Actively seeking your connections


[30:50] Leaning into networking


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Guest’s Bio:


Courtney and Dana are a dynamic sister duo based out of NC. Together, over the past 12 years,  they have built and operated three successful event businesses in the Raleigh area. Starting off from ordinary, they paved their way by sheer grit and tenacity splashed with some therapy and coffee along the way. They are on a mission to inspire others to take the leap into their dreams and empower you to achieve unimaginable heights in your career.

Where to find more of Courtney and Dana:



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