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Intentional Burnout + Burning Bright with Kevin Dennis

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Intentional Burnout + Burning Bright with Kevin DennisThe Flourishing Entrepreneur Podcast
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Aleya Harris | 06/22/2022

Do you play on the dark side? On the wild side? Do you live on the edge?


If you're able to play with burnout and use it as a tool to intentionally move forward, it's like playing with the dark arts in order to build a business and life that you love. And on this podcast, we often talk about avoiding burnout altogether. 


But in today’s episode, we have the opportunity to talk with a business veteran who has been around for over 33 years in business and he talks about intentionally using burnout to help move your business forward and recognizing how to navigate the ups and downs of change. 


If you're interested in another perspective on burnout, and how to be able to have the resiliency that someone who's been in business for over 30 years has developed, then my friend, this episode is for you. Let's go!


In this episode, you'll learn:


    • About intentionally using burnout to help move your business forward

  • How to navigate the ups and downs of change

  • All about “Adversity”

  • Intentional burnout

  • Setting boundaries with yourself and your business

  • The difference between intentional and unintentional burnout


Here's a peek inside the episode:


[7:06] Mantra of the Day —  I am flexible.


[7:41] Instead of being perfect, be growth-oriented and be flexible. be coachable. Be moldable.


[11:26] 33 years in business


[21:17] Mastery of your awareness of self


[17:35] Burn bright


[19:50] Difference between intentional and unintentional burnout


[24:04] Intentional burnout


[37:40] You got to take your lumps sometimes to sow


[39:30] Journal prompt: How are you cultivating your relationships, based on your unique qualities?


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Guest’s Bio:


With over 30 years in the game, Kevin Dennis, CWIP (Certified Wedding Industry Professional) is no stranger to the wedding biz. 


He entered the industry when he started Fantasy Sound Event Services right after high school — funny enough, his intentions were to become a legit DJ and meet girls. (No, really.) Whether he was successful is neither here nor there, but one thing that’s certain: Fantasy Sound was built to last. Today, his Livermore-based business has evolved into a renowned full-service lighting and entertainment company that serves the wedding & event market in California.


Over the years, Kevin’s love for the industry would also evolve, inspiring him to become more involved in education, networking, and thought leadership to contribute to the future of the industry. He is a sought-after speaker in the national circuit and a regular contributor to B2B publications, including Catersource and Special Events, and has been featured in Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Travel Channel.


Having served in multiple board positions for Silicon Valley NACE, as a trustee on the Foundation of NACE board, and as Director of National Marketing and International President of WIPA for two terms, Kevin has dedicated his career to the growth and development of the wedding pro community. He also founded the Tri-Valley Wedding Professionals networking group, which has grown to a membership of 700+ pros.


Taking over WeddingIQ was just another step in Kevin’s effort to develop a hub of information and opportunities for wedding professionals across the industry, and his visionary way of thinking has a lot in store to bring education to the forefront.


Where to find more of Kevin:



Kevin’s Instagram: Kevin Dennis

Kevin’s Website: Kevin Dennis