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How to Own It!: You + Your                                 Business

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How to Own It!: You + Your BusinessThe Flourishing Entrepreneur Podcast
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Aleya Harris | 04/01/2022

Your business should serve your vision, not the other way around. Don’t let your business own you. Don’t let it consume you. YOU own it! And that’s exactly what we’re doing in our last installment of the Own It! podcast mini-series. 


This episode of our mini-series tackles visions. What sort of vision do you have for your future, your career, or your business? Do you think ahead of time and envision an image of you on your deathbed surrounded by loved ones, looking back on all the accomplishments you’ve made in your lifetime? That’s what we’ll be talking about. 


In this episode, we’ll learn these things: 


  • Who am I going to serve?

  • What problem can I solve?

  • In what way I can uniquely solve it?

  • How can I iterate upon that solution?

  • What does my life look like when this vision is accomplished?

  • The mantra: I am a powerful creator.


Your business is yours to manage, control, and do with it as you please. Don’t let it consume and own you. Please! I’m begging you.


Here’s little sneak peek inside the episode: 


[1:55] Being an ideal alchemist. Taking your ideas and manifesting them into reality. 


[2:50] Create a vision board and relate to it as if it is a current snapshot of your life. 


[16:24] What are SMART goals and how you can create them 


[19:22] Your business should serve your vision, not the other way around. You should own your business. It should not own you.


[23:48] Own your experience. Be in charge. If you want to be a solopreneur, be one. 


[28:28] Visions can start small. Envision something small and work towards a bigger vision. 


[33:18] Have a relationship with your life and your business that you love.



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