• Aleya Harris

Build Relationship with Future Clients Using Email

You’ve got customers interested and coming to your site to learn more about your catering, wedding, or event business. You’ve got them in a sweet spot and now it’s time to start thinking of how you can help them learn more about you and encourage them to purchase an item for service from you. A good place to start is with email.

Emails are great for building relationships. Email marketing can be used to say hello, here’s more about me, what would you like to know, did you know this about us and we like to learn more about you. Simple messages like these are essential in any successful marketing plan, allowing you to get and keep clients coming back. 

Encouraging customers to do business is tied to building relationships. To do that, your customers need to know the real you after they land on your website. To help your clients to know you better, be welcoming, present valuable content, and communicate consistently. 

Throughout this blog, we’ll discuss email marketing, why your businesses should use email, how to build an email nurture sequence, and three examples of email nurturing. Let’s dive in! 

Email Marketing Overview 

If you’ve ever gotten an email that encouraged you to buy or check out a new product, informed you of a sale, or promoted a particular brand or business, you’ve experienced email marketing. Businesses use these emails to consistently connect with customers, encouraging both loyal and potential customers to buy a product or service. Emails allow businesses to show that they value their customers and want to treat them as individuals. 

Why You Need to Use Email

Email is an effective marketing tool that, if used correctly, can help your business grow.  If you haven’t sent out emails to your clients yet, I would encourage you to do so, because the benefits will be well worth it. For instance, did you know that email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping businesses gain new customers? Here are a few more reasons why you should incorporate email into your marketing plan: 

Build Relationships

Customers can appreciate a well-crafted email from their favorite business. As I mentioned previously, sending consistent emails gives customers a sense of belonging and being valued. 

Personalize Your Marketing

Email allows businesses to personalize their promotional material, meaning customers can get content that relates to them sent straight to their inbox. A personalized email can range from putting the customer’s name in the subject line or offering a discount based on a customer’s latest purchase. In fact, statistics show that 41% of open rates increase when a personalized subject line is used. If you’d like, you can even offer exclusive promotions and discounts to your “best customers” or clients. 

Build Credibility 

Email marketing allows businesses to build trust among their customers by sharing valuable content that is helpful to them. This can be done by sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter that shares your expert knowledge on a particular topic or insightful industry information.

For example, a catering business can share about trending party foods. A wedding planner could discuss the top wedding venues that are priced affordably or an events business could share talking points on the types of events that work best for certain occasions. Once customers begin to see you as a credible leader in the industry they will be more inclined to trust you. 

Boost Sales 

The large reason many businesses use email is to increase sales. Through email, you can easily promote a product or service – many times in creative and eye-catching ways that will move a customer to buy it. To better increase your chances of getting a sale, you can include items that relate to a customer’s purchase. For new or potential clients, you can feature items that normally bought together. For instance, if someone is buying a particular bottle of wine, you can recommend products like a corkscrew or wine cooler. 

How to Build an Email Nurture Sequence for Catering & Events Clients

An email nurture sequence is a series of automated emails that are sent to customers and clients to help build a relationship with them as well as guide them down the marketing funnel. This is the first contact you have with customers after they sign up for your emails, making this email nurturing a very important step. This sequence can include various types of emails like thank you emails, introduction emails, or product information emails. A sequence can also help you follow up with customers and keep them in the loop.

Here’s how you can build your own sequence for your catering and events clients:

Build an email list

Email list building is the first step in building a sequence. Find who you are going to send your emails to and compile a list of subscribers. Catering and events businesses can use an email sign-up link on their blogs or websites.  You can also go the old fashion way.

For instance, If you own a restaurant, post a sign-up sheet where customers can easily put down their email addresses or encourage customers to sign up on your website through receipts.

Catering and events businesses can pass out business cards with contact information.

Using Social media is also a good way to get subscribers. Encourage people to visit your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page where they can sign up for emails. 

Craft a Welcome Email 

Your first email should be a welcome email. This email is very important and should be crafted carefully. First impressions matter. Keep the email relevant and don’t overcrowd it with too much information. Use the opportunity to introduce yourself and what the business is about. Good welcome emails also include a promotion or deal customers can take advantage of from just opening up the email.

For instance, catering and events businesses can offer a percentage off of a customer’s first order. Wedding planners can offer a free service or item. Don’t forget to include some type of call to action. 

Determine Your Email Content

After that first welcome email goes out to your clients, you want to keep the momentum going and finish the sequence with follow-up emails. The content can vary, but there are several ideas you can use to connect with your catering and events clients.

For one, you can educate them on your business and what you have to offer. Show them the real you. You can also educate them on industry trends that would be helpful to them.

For example, if your audience is for catering clients, speak about the best treats or meals that work for office parties or something along those lines. These emails would work best for clients at the beginning of the funnel.

You can also send out emails that encourage your clients to connect with you on other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. These emails will work best for those in the middle or end of the marketing funnel.  

Three Email Nurture Sequence Examples

Example 1: Catering businesses 

Welcome email 

Hi Jane! 

We wanted to thank you for signing up for the Jones Catering email list. As a reward, enjoy 10% off your first order using code WELCOME. As the holiday’s approach, we want to be your go-to catering service for all your festive parties and beyond. Please contact us if you have any questions! 


Jack & Lucy Jones 


Introduction email 


t started with an idea and we weren’t sure it was going to work but here we are almost five years later. Our desire is to serve the local community so our neighbors can connect with the people around them. Our services are done with our friends and family in mind. With the best prices in town and the fastest service in the area, we have built a business known for its quality service and fine ingredients. Call us today to order or explore our exclusive online offers. 


Jack & Lucy Jones 


Example 2: Events businesses 

Welcome email 

Hey Jane, 

Welcome to Better Day Events and Parties! You’ve just signed up for one of the most exciting and innovative event planning businesses in the area. To make your experience more awesome, click below to receive 15% off your first event with us. We hope today was one of your better ones!

Hope to hear from you soon! 

Better Day Events and Parties 

Educational email

Hi Jane, 

As the holidays approach, we know you’ve got a lot of parties lined up. So we wanted to help. Check out our blog post on quick and easy holiday party ideas! And yes, we can help you with these ideas as well! 

[Insert blog link]

Happy Holidays! 

Better Day Events and Parties 

Example 3: Wedding planners 

Welcome email 

Hello Jane! 

Thank you for signing up for our emails and welcome to Wedding Dreamers. As you plan for your magical day (or help a family member or friend) we want to be there every step of the way to make sure the event is one to remember. Reach out to us today and receive a surprise treat for your special day. 

Reveal your offer

Wedding Dreamers 

Follow up email 

Hi Jane! 

Have you accepted your exclusive offer yet? It’s not too late! Reach out to us and see what we have in store just for you. Wedding favors, discounts an event service offers await! 

Wedding Dreamers 

I hope this blog helps you get a head start on your email marketing plan and adds to your collection of marketing tips for catering and events businesses.

As you build your plan, check out my Ideal Customer Avatar Guide to learn more about who your customers are.

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