• Aleya Harris

Top 10 Lead Magnet Ideas for Wedding Planners

No matter if you’re looking for marketing tips for events business or if you’re a pro, lead magnets are an excellent way to attract more clients. When I’m trying to figure out how to get more clients for my business, I find lead magnets are invaluable.

The best way to attract wedding clients online is with a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a piece of informational content your visitors receive for free and find irresistible.

Figuring out how to get more clients for your wedding, events, or catering business is more than developing marketing strategies. Understanding the various marketing tips for event businesses means determining which part of your catering and events business you should place focus.

Why You Need a Lead Magnet

It doesn’t matter if you're a professional marketer or an entrepreneur seeking marketing tips for your catering business. There's tremendous value in building an email list of current and potential clients. I love using this strategy as a way of staying in touch while simultaneously delivering helpful, high-value content.

One of the most valuable ways to get and keep clients is by staying "top of mind." What that means is, when engaged couples or clients looking for wedding venues or other planning, you want them to think of your business first.

Being "top of mind" should also be your goal. You can achieve that by sending helpful content regularly to your email list. In doing so, you'll be providing valuable content and other information to couples in search of your services.

This strategy begs the question, "How can I entice engaged couples to join my email list?"

The short answer is to incorporate high-value and informational lead magnets into your marketing strategy. I love using lead magnets because I know my potential and current clients are receiving high-value material that helps them solve a problem.

What is a Lead Magnet?

Lead magnets are pieces of informational content you're offering your visitors for free in exchange for their email address and other details. These additional details could be their first and last names, as well as their phone numbers. These offers are incredibly valuable and challenging to resist.

When brides and grooms land on your website, lead magnets are an excellent way to capture their information. Ultimately, you're deciding what content will attract them and encourage them to subscribe. For example, your target audience may want to receive a free wedding planning checklist that will help them organize their planning.

It doesn't matter if you want to give away free offers on your home page or create a landing page to help drive traffic. Either way, your website visitors must have an easy way to subscribe and know precisely what they're receiving in exchange.

Top 10 Lead Magnet Ideas for Wedding Business Owners

1: Printable Wedding Planners

Create a concise wedding planner brides, and grooms can print. That way, they can plan their dream wedding from start to finish. Include worksheets, checklists, fillable calendars, information about etiquette, and answers to frequently asked questions.

In these guides, I love including:

  • Suggested Reading Links: Here’s where you can include a list of your favorite wedding planning resource books. You can also provide links to guides you’ve written for your business.

  • Videos: These could be videos I created or links to those about the wedding planning process.

  • Relevant Blog Posts: Tie this information back to evergreen content you’re already featuring on your site. That way, brides and grooms don’t have to dig for it when they have questions.

2: Wedding Planner Timeline

Often, couples wonder when they should do things or start planning for a particular situation for their wedding. Under these circumstances, they'll find a wedding planner timeline incredibly valuable. That way, they'll know what they should do eight months, six months, two months (and so on) before their wedding.

Another timeline printable brides and grooms find incredibly valuable is what to expect on their wedding day. These timelines not only help couples plan their wedding, but they also help relieve stress regarding eliminated surprises or the potential for forgetting essential details.

3: Wedding Vow Printable Worksheet

Sometimes, brides and grooms want to write vows instead of using what is available through their clergy or officiant. Here's an opportunity for you to create a worksheet to help couples throughout this process. That way, they can brainstorm wedding vows easier.

Make sure you’re developing a wedding vow printable worksheets that are general but also guide engaged couples at the same time. For example, the printable can include resource links for specific vow writing, or you can make it consist of prompts to help with brainstorming.

4: Printable Memory Journal

There's something special about planning a wedding, and some couples don't want to forget a single moment. Therefore, you can create a printable wedding planning memory journal for them to capture all of these memories.

Here are examples of what you can include:

  • Sections for writing about their special engagement memories.

  • Plenty of journal space for chronicling their wedding planning adventures.

  • Additional sections for capturing memories from the honeymoon.

5: Printable Resource Checklist

Just like knowing when to plan for things on a timeline or if they need an all-inclusive planner, resource checklists are invaluable. You can develop this resource checklist to include how engaged couples can plan for the services you're offering. Another angle is to compile a list of your top choices for photographers, venues, and so on.

Don’t forget; you’re developing content that achieves two goals. The first is showing your marketing funnel your strengths in the wedding planning business. The second is helping them solve a problem. Presenting engaged couples with a resource checklist such as this one achieves both of those goals.

6: Wedding Planning Tutorials

Brides and grooms are hungry for information, and that includes an insatiable need for learning new things. That's where you can show them tricks from your trade.

Here are examples of wedding planning tutorials I love creating:

  • DIY: If your wedding planning business focuses on florals, then you can create a do-it-yourself tutorial about centerpieces.

  • Planning Guide: If you're a wedding planner, you can teach brides and grooms about table settings or seating plans.

7: Packing Lists

Planning a wedding is overwhelming without thinking about what to pack for honeymoons. I love including this lead magnet in my marketing funnel as a way of helping couples plan a stress-free wedding from beginning to end. Separate packing lists according to season or destination.

Examples include:

  • Destination Weddings or Honeymoons: If couples are planning a beach wedding, then they'll need information regarding what to pack for this destination.

  • Seasonal Packing Options: if couples are planning a honeymoon during winter weather, you can provide examples of what to pack for this weather.

8: Wedding Budget Calculator

Here's where you can bump up your potential for leads. Engaged couples have many things to think about, especially their wedding and honeymoon budget. Here's an opportunity for you to develop spreadsheets and checklists to help them organize their budget and finances. Here’s what I like to include:

  • Tips for reducing costs.

  • Ways for eliminating unnecessary expenses.

  • Information about stretching every dollar.

9: An Ultimate Wedding Guide

Writing an ebook that encompasses a wedding topic of your choice is an excellent way to entice engaged couples to opt into your email list. The main reason is, you're thinking about what question your clients ask you frequently. Then, turning that question into a comprehensive resource for potential wedding planning clients. Topic ideas for this include:

  • How to Plan Your Wedding on a Tight Budget: From Engagement Parties to Your Honeymoon

  • Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning Checklists and How to Use Them Effectively

  • How to Organize Your Wedding: From Menus to Seating Arrangements and Everything in Between

10: Take Things Digital

It's no mystery how often our potential clients are using technology, including their smartphones, for wedding planning. That's where you have the opportunity to present digital resources engaged couples can't resist. My favorite examples include:

  • E-Courses: Creating a free video course that helps brides and grooms solve a problem or teaches them something is a valuable tool. Here's another area where you're thinking about questions you hear the most and turning those answers into high-quality video content.

  • Podcasts: Here's an opportunity if you have a podcast for your wedding planning business or have a list of suggestions for brides and grooms to follow. Incorporate information about why this content is valuable and then pop in topics your audience wants to receive information about the most.

  • Planning Apps: Speaking of engaged couples using their smartphone for planning, this is an excellent opportunity to reach those targets. Compile a list of wedding planning apps engaged couples can use for planning their wedding.

Now that you know the top ten lead magnet ideas for wedding planners, I can’t wait to see how you put them into action and grow your email list!

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