• Aleya Harris

Top 10 Things to Say on Your Website to Get More Wedding Clients

It's no mystery how competitive it is in the wedding planning or events industry. You'll find businesses in the wedding industry throughout every local market. Some have high fees for their services, and others feature them at low costs. That makes it challenging to figure out where you fit in the market, how to reach your audience, and what you should be saying to attract more clients.

When I’m trying to figure out how to get more clients for my business, the first thing I do is determine what I need to say on my website to get and keep clients. Because your targets are traveling through your marketing funnel, you must understand who they are by creating an ideal customer avatar. If you want to get more clients for catering or wedding planning business, you must position yourself as a helpful expert to your target audience. Then, develop lead magnets that support that expertise.

In this article, I’m presenting information about how to get to know your customers and be their helpful expert. Then, once you achieve those goals, you can put that information into action by offering high-value lead magnets.

Know Your Customer to Get More Business

One of the best ways to get and keep clients is to know who your ideal customer avatar (ICA) is and market to them. Do you know ways of getting to the heart of your target audience's frustrations or more significant issues? When they land on your site, do they feel like you're in their head or have first-hand experience dealing with their struggles? You must consider these factors when developing your ideal customer avatar.

Creating an ICA is an excellent way to get to know your customers and attract more clients. Your ideal customer avatar will help you accomplish several goals, including:

  • Developing a firm understanding of who you're communicating with

  • Determining what their most significant needs are

  • Figuring out their biggest frustrations

  • Considering what their ultimate goals are

You're creating this information based on who is already in your marketing funnel—your existing customer base—as well as who you want to work with in the future. That could be a target audience who are internet savvy, motivated, and smart who loves beauty and has questions about how to get more clients for my business.

Who Do You Really Want to Work With?

The first step regarding getting to know your ideal customer is by creating your ideal customer avatar. The main reason is that you want to learn everything you can about them.

  • Demographic Traits: their age, wedding budget, educational level, and annual household income.

  • Personal Traits: where they work, their location, type of car they drive, their hair color, their eye color, and so on.

  • Psychographic Traits: what are their beliefs, favorite reading materials, hobbies, lifestyle preferences, and values? What wedding blogs do they currently follow?

  • What wedding planning issues are they facing and trying to solve?

  • What searches are they conducting to find answers to their issues?

  • How are these individuals describing their wedding day?

  • Determine how your ideal customer avatar will handle things if a worst-case scenario occurs.

Remember, your marketing will sound generic if you're not getting to know your customers. That means, if you don't know who you're marketing to, it won't generate engagement. That engagement is critical when you want to get more clients for your catering and events business.

Putting This Advice into Action

When you're reading marketing tips for events businesses, you'll often see how critical it is for your ideal customer to be in a position for buying what you're marketing. That means your target audience can afford your services and is willing to pay for that value.

Therefore, you must ensure your target audience loves everything your business is offering. Ideally, your target will think your business is fantastic and that you're that target’s ideal business. When that happens, these targets will talk to others about your business and become one of your biggest fans.

Even if the information you're researching about your ICA seems irrelevant, it all matters regarding your ultimate goal. That goal is getting into their heads, understanding their frustrations, and developing authentic relationships with them. Ideally, when you're attracting more clients, they'll inspire and invigorate you to do the best work possible.

Become Your Ideal Client's Helpful Expert

When looking at marketing tips for catering businesses, one thing stands out among most of the advice you'll read about becoming a helpful expert: Instead of being a generalist, to develop a specialty or niche. While many believe being a "generalist" casts a wider net, that's not always the best way to attract more clients.

Knowing your business by becoming a specialist, or helpful expert, helps you connect with your target audience better. These targets may already know what companies they don't want to work with or those that excite them. Those experiences help you cultivate your expertise and determine ways to market to your targets, so they want to work with your business.

Cultivating your business means becoming an expert regarding educating your potential clients. Your targets may not know anything about wedding photography, catering, planning, or anything else to do with their event. When you educate your clients, you're setting them up for success.

Using your expertise to educate your clients accomplishes several goals, including:

  • Helping your target audience feel cared for

  • Finding ways to reduce or eliminate your target's stress

  • Determining ways to help them feel prepared

  • Learning how to align your brand with your target's goals

Top 10 Lead Magnet Ideas for Wedding Planners

When I’m trying to figure out how to get more clients for my business, I love using lead magnets for communicating with my target audience and adding them to my email list.

1: Planner or Calendar

Planners and calendars are effective lead magnets if you either offer them at the beginning of the year or make them editable. Your target audience is developing their wedding plans and need tools such as these. I suggest making sure it's printable and focuses on a specific niche.

2: Budget Spreadsheet

Keeping finances organized while wedding planning can be a challenge. I love creating a budget spreadsheet to help my target audience keep things in perspective, forecast expenses, keep track of spending, and so on.

3: Cheat Sheets

The longer you work in the wedding or events planning business, the more expertise you build-up. Therefore, you can take advantage of that by creating a wedding planning cheat sheet featuring your best advice, tips, and tricks.

4: E-books or Guides

This lead magnet harkens back to your expertise in the field. Many members of your target audience prefer reading long-form content that's comprehensive and answers all their questions. Make sure you're describing how valuable this guide or eBook is so your target audience can see the value in its download.

5: Videos

We all know that your ideal customer avatar is spending time watching videos online. How do we know this? Statistically, 43% of potential customers are watching video ads on social media compared to television. Your videos can focus on a specific planning goal, talk about your business, feature a tutorial, and more.

6: Consultations

One thing you must remember is that, even though you're using the Internet to attract more clients, it's still people marketing to people. Before choosing your services, your target audience may want more information from a "live" person. That's where this lead magnet works exceptionally well.

7: Discount Codes or Coupons

When you're reading marketing tips for events business, many suggest using discount codes or coupons to get more clients for your catering business. You can acquire them by featuring your services with this lead magnet. It's an excellent way of giving your target an extra push when deciding if they should commit or not.

8: Contests

Just like offering coupons and discount codes, a lead magnet featuring this content is an excellent way to get and keep clients. The prize must be relevant to your target audience and be high-value. Your target audience loves to win things, especially if it’s something they can use to help them with their wedding planning goals.

9: Online Events or Webinars

This lead magnet differs from offering a free video or tutorial. The main reason is that they are each one-sided. An online event or webinar helps you engage with your ideal customer avatar when they're in the decision-making portion of the marketing funnel. Focus on topics your target audience wants to learn about or has questions about to entice more people opt-in.

10: Apps or Online Tools

Creating this lead magnet will help your target audience figure out which tools or wedding planning apps are available to them. Many may not know what's at their disposal or how they can reduce wedding planning stress by implementing these tools or apps.

Now that you know which things to say on your website to get more clients, it’s time to create those lead magnets! I’m looking forward to seeing what you develop and how you use them to build a loyal customer base.

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