Love notes and praise from clients, students, and session attendees of Flourish Marketing and Aleya Harris, CPCE



"During our first conversation, it was clear that Aleya understood what I needed, who my audience is, and how we can execute a successful launch.  After our first call, I knew I was in good hands. So I was not surprised when I received email copies and social media posts that were perfectly crafted for my audience.

Wedding Goals Bridal Box in now introduced to the world and is gaining momentum each day.

I am so pleased with the service I received from Aleya and her team and will now be using them to market my other business.

Thank you for all of your help, Aleya!"

Leslie Jones, Wedding Goals Bridal Box & Leslie Marie Events


"I started working with Aleya and Flourish Marketing for her StoryBrand services because I was about to start a refresh of my website and brand and didn't feel like I had identified the heart/core of my brand or like I was able to communicate my value in the way I wanted.


Aleya took the time to ask pointed, thoughtful questions to really understand my brand and my company. Through that information gathering process, she was able to understand the help I was looking for and was then able to provide exactly the help I needed.


There were so many breakthroughs that I had about my brand while working with Aleya. She made me realize so many things about my ideal clients, my value, my messaging, etc. that I am infinitely grateful for.


Aleya was a dream (and so fun!) to work with and I cannot recommend her more highly!"

Leah Weinberg, Color Pop Events

"I’ve been studying the Storybrand Framework for nearly 2 years, trying to implement it well and entirely into my marketing materials and website. Aleya's tips literally blew my mind! WOW!

I found Aleya through the Storybrand website and saw that she specializes in working with Wedding Professionals. She offers a 5-minute website review which was thorough and informative and helped me see the holes I knew existed, but couldn’t quite fill in my implementation of the Storybrand framework.


She was quick to respond, so helpful and hilarious."

Alexis Alvarez, Lillian Rose Events

Listen to Alexis from Lillian Rose Events talk about how Aleya Harris from Flourish Marketing has helped her get her company's messaging, strategy, and website together.


The Social Media Pantry Collective is a membership site for wedding, catering, and event professionals.  It gives you the social media content and community you need to turn relationships into sales.

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"Before I joined The Social Media Pantry Collective, I wanted Social media content that connected me with my ideal client and was frustrated.  Now that I am a member, I have done-for-you content that is easy to use and easy to adapt to reflect my voice. I have 1 month's worth of posts, which has saved me hours of trying to write posts myself.

I trusted Aleya and her team because I listened to podcasts where Aleya was a guest and her knowledge was second-to-none. I downloaded her freebies and found them very useful. I realised very quickly that Aleya knows what she is talking about. She understands her topic.


Prior to joining, I emailed Aleya on a couple of ideas that would help me in my business. Aleya addressed every one of my questions. It was then a no-brainer for me to become a member.

The stand out from the crowd moment for me when it comes to Aleya and other companies is even though she has a team who are more than qualified to reply, she took time out of her busy day to reply to all my emails. I have to take my hat off to her for that.


I have been in other memberships and the downside for me is when you try to reach out to the owner, they send you to their team or they say, "Ask your question in the group." Well, I didn't join a group to ask the other members, I joined because of the person behind the brand.


Aleya definitely serves. Even as I watched an IG story this evening, Aleya was inviting anyone who watched her story to ask questions and she would reply. I love this about Aleya."

Hope Douglas, Shabach Weddings & Events

Get bespoke social media done for you every month.  Stop stressing about posting on social media.  Work with expert strategists and writers to grow your brand and build a feed you're proud to show off to potential clients.


"Before we started working with Aleya Harris and The Social Media Pantry, I was overwhelmed by trying to find time to manage our social media.  The team demonstrated that they understood our problem by jumping quickly to onboard our company and start writing.  


I felt like I could trust them because Aleya is a peer and she was recommended to us by Christie Osborne at Mountainside Media.  


What surprised me the most was that the team uses Airtable to organize posts and collaborate with clients.  I loved working in Airtable! It was fun.  


Working with Aleya and the team means that I no longer have to worry about posting to social media. It is one thing off my plate each day which is an amazing feeling.  I had no idea how time-consuming social media was and they make it look so easy!"

Elizabeth Sheils, Co-Founder, Rock Paper Coin

"When I saw that there was a StoryBrand guide serving the event industry I got super excited. I have been working with Aleya for several months and not only does she live and breathe Story Branding, but she is also smart as a whip, has a naturally strategic mind, and is super professional (yet also chill).


Her social media services have helped my brand be more consistent, clear, and memorable. The best part is her work on my brand inspires me to show up more and do some of my best work."

Christie Osborne, Owner, Mountainside Media

I am so thankful to have found Flourish Marketing and The Social Media Pantry! My primary business as a hairstylist/salon owner doesn't allow me much time to plan and curate social media content for my new hair care product line so I desperately needed help.


The Flourish Marketing team is excellent, they really listen to what I needed and delivered above and beyond. I've tried several other social media managers in the past and Flourish Marketing has done the best at delivering real, on-brand, engaging content that my followers are responding to.

Tamari Zeigler, Founder, FAB Hair International


"Before working with Flourish Marketing, my website wasn't very clear or easy to understand and navigate. It also was not converting.  I felt disorganized, stressed, and without hope.  Aleya and the team were so easy to work with. They took the time to ask questions and really get to know me. 

I trusted them because I have been following Aleya for a few months now. I've gone to several of the free webinars that she hosted and found that she was giving away valuable pieces of information. And also because she was recommended by other industry professionals, namely other wedding planners.


The other companies that I contacted to do my website only focused on price. I wasn't too concerned about price and just wanted to know what the website could do for me and my business. They did not write sales copy that converts specifically for the wedding industry. I felt like Aleya really gets the wedding industry and how to make a website work for it.


When working with Aleya and the team, I was surprised by the fact that I think there were things in my website copy that I didn't tell them. The fact that they did their homework and took the time to actually get to know me, even though everything was automated. I still felt like I was heard as an individual and not just another number that's looking for a generic website.


My site looks amazing! I am so excited to show it off! I absolutely love it and think that it will definitely convert!


I think that you guys did a great job! Super responsive and the entire process was very smooth and so much fun seeing everything come together step by step!


You rock! And I hope that I can work with you again in the future."

Shaquarrius Calloway, Shaquarrius Calloway Events

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Shaquarrius purchased the Platinum website package.  

Click here to check out her website.


We provide white label copywriting services for StoryBrand and non-StoryBrand agencies.

"We hired Aleya because we needed help writing a StoryBrand email sequence. She took the time to truly understand our client and their unique needs. The content created was exactly what we were looking for. This only could have happened by really taking the time to step into the clients' shoes.


Aleya just got it. She nailed it. She asked questions when she needed to, but the content provided was not a draft or a starting-off point, it was a final product.


Very refreshing to work with such a professional."

Kimberly Wunderlich, Project Manager, ClearBrand (StoryBrand Agency)

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"I was stressed out trying to find a great copywriter.  Aleya demonstrated she understood the problem by quickly intaking information, processing it, and repeating it back - and asking good questions!


Aleya is a better writer than most copywriters I’ve met.  I was surprised by how good the writing was.  After working with Aleya I feel less stressed, and I have a great resource for the future!


Thanks again for your work!  Can’t wait to work with you more!"

Raj Lulla, Co-Owner, Fruitful Design & Strategy (StoryBrand Agency)


"I'm a longtime listener of the She Creates Business Podcast and your episode was SO good. It helped frame the approach in a super easy to understand way and got me thinking about our brand story and how I can build in personal details while still making it about the client and the problem we solve."

Alex Gold-Haws, Elm Pass Woods

"You taught me so much this evening - not just about race and allyship but about general marketing.  Your expertise is obvious."

Marisa Vrooman, Orpha Events



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